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Attentions to the renovation of old houses
Living in this ever-changing era, in addition to the busy and empty tasks, we have our own tastes and requirements about life. After going to work, my busy life faded away. In the warm afterglow of the sunrise, drinking a cup of tea, reading a book and enjoying a pleasant leisure time is really a great pleasure in life. But the design style of the family for many years, furniture decoration can not keep up with the ancient aesthetic, so there will be the idea of old house decoration, renovation, so that my home will be refreshed.
In the renovation of old houses, space renovation can be stopped according to the practical needs of family members. In the planning format, the load-bearing wall must not be dismantled, otherwise it will form a hidden danger of safety. There are many debris in the dismantling and renovation section. It is more convenient to clean up the debris in time and to keep the interior clean in the process of decoration.
The first is the removal of the main body, and the second is the removal of walls, air, doors and windows, dry roads, circuits and other aspects. The waterproofing of kitchens and guards should also be redone. It is better to invite professional decoration companies to deal with these, after all, the project is vast, the process is relatively complex. Before choosing the main materials, the purchase order of the main materials should be understood. All the materials need a reserve period. The short consumption cycle needs half a month and the long demand one month. If the time is not right and the data can't catch up with the manual work, it will lead to the unwanted workers. Ceramic tiles should be purchased after 3C certification, and the quality is guaranteed.
According to the size of the room space, determine the size to be purchased. When purchasing furniture, you can see more and compare the goods with the others. Not only look at the shape, but also pay attention to the brand, the quality of small brands is not guaranteed. In physical stores, the price will be absolutely lower if you buy online. Furniture purchase should be considered from the style of home decoration and decoration budget, which can not only ensure the effect of decoration, but also achieve the purpose of saving money for decoration.
Old house decoration, owners need to spend more time to understand the decoration industry market, style design can see more decoration magazines to find what I want. Of course, you also have a more worry-free way, that is, the design of your house renovation to the public decoration.
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