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济南装饰公司:混搭装修的几个要点 来源:http://www.ssbb1.com 日期:2018-12-17 发布人:admin

Jinan Decoration Company: Several Key Points of Mixed Decoration
Blending is not a complex way to add elements of various styles together, but to combine them in one place or another. The key to the success of mixing depends on whether it can be reconciled. The most complex way is to determine the main style of furniture, to match with accessories, home textiles and so on.
The mixing of Chinese and Western elements is the mainstream, followed by the mixing of ancient and traditional elements. In the same space, whether it is "tradition and ancient times" or "combination of Chinese and Western", we should give priority to a style and increase the level of space by part of the design.
1. Furniture rules; Furniture mixing should be divided into three types: furniture with different design styles but different shapes, colors and textures; furniture with different colors but similar shapes; furniture with very good design and manufacturing technology, one piece is enough to make the space shine. The golden ratio between Chinese and Western style, antique and ancient furniture is 3:7, because the shape and color of Chinese and antique furniture are very eye-catching, too many will be disorderly. Northwest Asia furniture is also suitable for mixing, the criterion is that Indonesian furniture is suitable for mixing with Chinese furniture; Indian furniture is most suitable for European or American style.
2. Material rules; in the matching material, there are many choices. The criterion is that metal, glass, porcelain, fur and other special materials can be used as decoration as far as possible, while wood, cortex, plastic and other comparatively stable materials can be used in a large area. Generally speaking, wood is "omnipotent" material. Any color and other materials can be matched. Light-colored leather is not suitable for matching glass and metal, fur is not suitable for matching with clear materials such as glass.
3. Home textile rules; color system, the color of carpets and bedding is best matched by white, green, yellow and other colors; in addition to color, all kinds of textiles must be carefully compared with color, such as curtains are white, carpets or bedding can not be green; if furniture and accessories are classical style (including European classical and Chinese classical), then all kinds of textiles must be. You can't choose the contrast color. On the premise of the same color, the choice of patterns can be done as one wishes. If one must use contrast color, plain textiles are recommended.
4.装饰规则;用装饰停止混搭是一复杂也一出效果的。不过装饰品切忌多、杂、乱,一个空间内,有3~4件就够了,不然就必需做个多宝 或许收纳柜来珍藏它们了,那种堆砌的陈列方式只合适大房子,否则一不注意家里就会变成杂货铺,不美观也不方便运用。
4. Decoration rules; stop mixing with decoration is the most complex and effective. Nevertheless, adornments should not be too many, miscellaneous or disorderly. Three to four pieces are enough in a space. Otherwise, it is necessary to make a multi-treasure or receipt cabinet to treasure them. That kind of stacked display is only suitable for a large house, otherwise, if you don't pay attention to the home, it will become a grocery store, which is not beautiful and convenient to use.
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