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Seven popular renovation ideas for kitchen decoration design
In kitchen decoration, whether it is the color of the cabinet, the champagne drawer handle or the wall of the open shelf, owners and designers now like to mention each group's favorite kitchen creative design to home decoration. In addition, the kitchen is also the most often innovative space for owners. Because of the application of countertops, cabinets and lighting style, the kitchen can be renovated after decoration. Following are some popular or still mainstream kitchen decoration design concepts that will be prevalent or mainstream in home decoration e-station.
Black cabinets, especially navy blue and other bolder colors, will be full of vitality cabinets into the kitchen cabinet or cabinet, invent visual interest in the kitchen.
Recent kitchen decoration design needs, owners hope to make more dramatic through the kitchen countertop, in turn tend to use natural stone, such as granite, in order to obtain common spots and textures. If the use of more natural quartz - a secondary mineral containing quartz, as well as resins, pigments and polymers of engineering products are more kitchen decoration design presented.
More and more owners welcome the growing popularity of quartz countertops, as well as other advantages such as anti-fouling and durability.
Open shelves can make the kitchen look taller and more breathable. As the demand for small appliances, sockets and other miscellaneous hiding places soars, open shelves are becoming more and more popular. Cuisine, animals and small furnishings displayed on open shelves require careful planning to prevent a miscellaneous appearance.
Although open shelves can be used in conjunction with a variety of styles, they are sometimes complex, sometimes plain wood and metal open shelves. Among the most popular kitchen decoration effects recently, natural wood open shelves seem to be the most common, although white and black examples are also presented.
In order to make kitchen invent fashionable and deliberate vision, more open shelves, according to color compositions, leave some shelf space, will invent more consolidated and shaded space for lightweight household appliances and unmarried tableware.
Shaker style cabinets are defined by their flat local door panels and usually clean sunken square frames, making them a popular choice for kitchens. Shaker's style cabinet is a bit traditional, looks a little ancient, simple lines, very popular.
Although white is still the first color in kitchen cabinets, the wall color is usually grey. Grey walls or tiles can add a quiet and delicate element to the kitchen.
Gray is a mellow color. The kitchen is decorated with gray cabinets, shelves and rear baffles, just like the kitchen shown here, without any pressure.
Good lighting is the first requirement after entering the kitchen space, adding a window above the sink, perhaps by knocking down the partition wall to get more natural light. The chandelier is as popular in the kitchen as the wall lamp. It can be used to illuminate the open shelf. Dramatic chandeliers, many with golden details, make low-key kitchen decoration a good place to test trends.
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