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空间装饰规划的年代感与有用性怎么打造 来源:http://www.ssbb1.com 日期:2018-11-05 发布人:admin

How to make sense and usefulness of space decoration planning
With the development of social skills and the continuous progress of the times, in order to satisfy the needs of space, together with this in order to make space more effective use and timeliness of function, better decoration planning of all space, satisfy the needs of people about space, but also bring good mood and resignation to workers. Workers feel comfortable and happy. Therefore, in Ji'nan room decoration, we should pay attention to the planning and planning of all spaces, and reasonably control the new planning elements.
In the planning of space decoration, we should pay attention to the sense of order. The first thing is the repetition, rhythm, completeness and conciseness of the shape. These are more critical. The space decoration planning also relies on this principle to invent a quiet, consistent and orderly space environment. In space decoration, the sense of order becomes a basic element in decoration planning, and order plays a vital role in space decoration. Therefore, orderly planning is the master of all spatial planning.
Compared with the space in the past, the space with strong gratitude in the past should not only have corresponding needs, but also take into account the leisure and recreational facilities of the staff and workers. The more common leisure areas we know are the leisure areas. These are the major features of modern room decoration planning.
In the planning of leisure area, we can integrate more corporate culture and corresponding recreational elements, such as gym, lounge and so on. All of these are planning techniques with age-sensitive rooms, which we can use flexibly.
Space decoration is a more cautious project, as a whole, we all know that space to create a sense of pleasure is also the basic elements of space decoration planning. In the space decoration related matters needing attention, the pleasure of the environment mainly refers to the color of the space is clean and bright, the lighting arrangement is reasonable, there is enough light and so on, which is decided by the space requirements. In decoration planning, bright colors should be chosen to bring a comfortable and pleasant mood, give people a relaxed and clear feeling, together with the brightness of color can also enhance daytime indoor space lighting, so the rational allocation of lights is also crucial.
When creating modern space, we need to plan lighting scientifically and reasonably. Especially in space, we need to complete the reasonable placement and uniform planning of lighting, not too bright, to prevent the formation of dazzling conditions, but also pay attention to not too dim, which will reduce the efficiency and activity of workers.
Otherwise, if conditions permit, we should take natural daylighting as the main body, and natural daylighting will become more environmentally friendly, useful and popular. Its lighting function is also far higher than artificial lighting, and more energy saving and environmental protection.
Fashion sense of Ji'nan room decoration
With the continuous progress of the times, in space decoration planning, we should pay attention to the integration of fashionable elements. In order to facilitate cooperation and communication and enhance fair management, many enterprises usually choose open space decoration, space sharing, which has become the main feature of modern new space decoration planning, and it has come into being. The new concept of generation space. Better promote the efficiency of workers.
In the aspect of color matching and element application, we should pay attention to the selection of bright color matching and dark color matching. Different color matching plays different roles. They have a direct impact on people's state and attention. Bright colors can make people feel active, happy and relaxed. But the darkening of color will make you feel depressed, depressed, tired and so on. Relatively speaking, bright color deployment is a better choice for us. Of course, what color should be selected in detail, we need to combine detailed space needs and practical space style to select.
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