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办公空间装修哪些目标要详细? 来源:http://www.ssbb1.com 日期:2019-05-24 发布人:admin

1. Design Concept and Purpose
In the modern office space decoration, the pursuit of simplicity and applicability is more and more, and the requirements of lighting, ventilation and so on are comparatively high. Among them, we should think about its relevant elements: from the functional nature, the rational division of indoor space, the image of office space import and export can be satisfactory, how to improve the efficiency and enthusiasm of office staff, the impact of office environment on people's psychological pursuit and customer needs, etc.
2. Understanding of Enterprise Types and Corporate Culture
Generally speaking, only through further understanding and understanding, understanding the type of enterprise and corporate culture, can we create an office space that fits the style of the enterprise, making the design more personalized and full of life.
Jinan office decoration
3. On the Internal Structure of Enterprises and the Connections between them
Know well the internal structure of the enterprise, then we can confirm the size of the area required by each department and the planned flow path. In addition, it is also very important to understand the expansion of the company in advance, so as to effectively prevent the enterprises from taking on some unnecessary troubles in the process of development.
4. Regional Planning, Highlighting Key Points
From the functional point of view, we should give full consideration to the scientific and rational planning of indoor space and highlight its design focus. The coexistence of beauty and applicability helps to enhance the corporate image. For example, the front desk of an enterprise is a bright spot. As the front of the company, the decoration of the front desk can give people a simple and warm first impression.
Display area is the key to office space decoration. If this part is well decorated, it can better show the corporate culture, brand characteristics and so on. It can strengthen the understanding of customers to the enterprise. From the aspect of decoration design, we must achieve the coexistence of beauty and applicability. In fact, each functional area should have its own characteristics, which is the key to enhance consumer impression.
Jinan office decoration
5. Prospective Design
Usually in the design of office space decoration, desks, chairs and computer equipment are indispensable. Generally speaking, large office space needs to use what network system, so in communication, computers, switches, sockets and other planning, we must pay attention to its integrity and applicability.
6. Warm Standards
In Jinan office space decoration, should be based on simple atmospheric design techniques, try to prevent the use of complex appearance decoration, to prevent the selection of too bright color decoration. In the choice of lighting, air conditioning and office furniture, we should focus on its applicability and warmth.
Jinan office decoration
7. Advocating environmentally friendly design
The sense of order is the basic requirement of office space decoration. Order, in short, is the repetition, perfection and simplicity of form.
8. Safety, applicability and variability
In the office space decoration, although it seems very simple, but in the construction process can not be perfunctory, it is necessary to think about the safety, utility and variability of the working environment.
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