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Hydropower transformation
The water and electricity renovation in toilet is the first step of toilet decoration. Before the construction, there is a need for a water and electricity direction design. That is to say, before starting the water and electricity renovation of toilet, you need to clarify your request with the designer of decoration company, let the designer design the water and electricity well, and then stop the construction.
Waterproofing works
Family bathroom not only has the function of convenience, but also coordinates the function of washing and showering; therefore, in the process of construction of toilet, waterproofing works must be in place. After waterproofing is done, a 24-48 hour water-closing experiment is also needed to prevent, in case, it is necessary to stop inspecting the condition of leaking water in the downstairs neighbor's house to check the quality of water-proofing in the bathroom.
Tile placement
Laying tile on toilet can decorate space, and enhance the waterproof effect of wall and air. Because toilet is often used and water is often interacted with, in the choice of ceramic tile, try to use evening or yellowish anti-skid tile.
Toilet ceiling
As a function room of shower, the toilet often produces a lot of steam in this space, so the ceiling information of the toilet needs to choose waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistant decoration materials.
did not
Toilet bathroom equipment generally includes toilets, bathtubs, showers, washbasins and receptacles, etc. If the bathroom area is large enough, it is best to do wet and dry parting area.
II. Notices for Construction of Toilet
The best choice of toilet lamp is anti-fog lamp, which has good sealing and is not afraid of water fog corrosion. The common incandescent lamp can easily affect the service life because of the excessive water vapor in the toilet.
Do not make toilets too strict, remember to leave windows ventilated, otherwise the toilet will easily breed bacteria over time; can choose shutters as windows, ventilated while maintaining privacy.
Don't close the bottom of the toilet door. Leave some space between the door and the air for ventilation. You can choose the door with ventilation fan below.
The faucets and hardware fittings used in room bathroom are best bought with good quality and excellent quality to create a warm environment.
The slope of the floor drain should be done well, otherwise the water flow will not go down and accumulate in the wash time. We can try to dig a trench around the edge to make the floor drain again.
It's better to reserve a socket on the side of the toilet, and with a splash-proof cover, it's convenient to install a smart toilet cover after living.
Buying toilets should first measure pit spacing, which is a fixed interval. The size of toilets should be purchased according to this size. Later, it is easy to change the pipeline to form a toilet infarction.
The best choice of bathroom shower room sector, other shape of the shower room area is not fan-shaped large, bathroom dry and wet separated from the preferred sector.
The repair opening of the toilet water pipe can be tightened so as not to seal up, so as to avoid problems and inconvenient maintenance after residence.
Hand basin is best not to choose the basin on the table, occupying the bottom of the position is easy to mildew, the basin under the table will become more convenient when liquidation.
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