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Attentions to Home Decoration in Jinan Decoration Company
First, the whole family will have a discussion to confirm the orientation of style and how much money they are going to take out to stop decorating. Of course, if you have enough money, you can let the designer carry it forward freely. Choose your favorite company through various routes, but don't be misled by the so-called "popularity" and "market share and how big our company is".
More than 60% of the decoration companies in the market are affiliated to operate. They have no fixed residence. They rent a booth in the market with photos of other people's business licenses. Once they get results, they close the door and leave, and then you will be crying. Over the years, I have been fortunate to have seen many stylistic designs. None of the tasteful designs were made by the above companies, by small unknown task rooms or by small companies formed by very professional people. It reproduces the second paragraph of some e-mails to see how they evaluate the designers of these so-called well-known companies and the masterpieces (I apologize for not having agreed with them here).
1. "I have contacted several companies in the home decoration market, including those so-called renovation companies with high reputation, but I am not very satisfied with them. The so-called designers of these companies are basically girls and young men who have not left school for a few days or even before. I am not saying that they are old enough to achieve success. The key is that they have too shallow seniority to design numerous houses. Some even don't understand some basic knowledge of building materials. Some ideas and practices, even those outside my profession feel sophisticated, and they can do well in home decoration. Do you? The quality of the people engaged in this industry is very different! This is also one of the reasons why I went online to consult.
2. "Mr. X, who has just finished decorating his new house, has continued to visit the doors of several enemies recently. He is disappointed to find that the decoration style of his family is not so different from that of his brothers. Sitting on his sofa, he always feels that he is waiting for his enemies to pour tea.
二.要问一下它们企业外部的施工技术要求,如:瓦工贴装每1 平米瓷砖的技术要求,不平整度是多少,空鼓率是多少。对木工有什麼技术要求,我讲几条我爲我公司制定并严厉执行多年的一些技术要求瓦工要求贴装石材及磁砖不平整度要求爲±1mm.空鼓率爲百分之0.5,一切阴阳角都要靠角尺,防水要作48小时闭水实验,确认不渗漏前方可停止下一工序的施工。木工要求横平竖直,2米内±1mm,每工件外露局部倒角1×45°,一切阴阳角都要靠角尺,有很多技术要求是高于部颁规范的,你们自创—下吧。我曾屡次参预过业内组织的随机质检,一切“知名度较高”家装公司的施工现场我都看过,用我的激光扫平仪一照,2米内能有0.5-1公分的误差,有用冒充伪劣水泥的,有拉来大芯板现贴“福河”防伪标以次充好的等等。不胜枚举!
Second, we need to ask their external construction technical requirements, such as the technical requirements of tile worker mounting every square meter of ceramic tile, the degree of irregularity and the rate of empty drum. What are the technical requirements for woodworking? I will tell you a few technical requirements that I have formulated and strictly implemented for my company for many years. The requirements for bricklaying are (+1 mm). The rate of hollowing is 0.5%. All Yin and Yang angles must be ruled by angle rulers. Waterproofing experiments should be conducted for 48 hours to confirm that the construction of the next process can be stopped before leakage occurs. Woodworking requires horizontal and vertical, within 2 meters (+1 mm), local chamfering of 1 x 45 degrees for each workpiece exposed, and all Yin and Yang angles should be ruled by angle ruler. There are many technical requirements that are higher than those issued by the Ministry. You can create it by yourselves. I have repeatedly participated in the random quality inspection organized by the industry. I have seen all the construction sites of "well-known" home decoration companies. According to my laser scanner, there can be an error of 0.5-1 cm within 2 meters. There are fake and inferior cement, and large core boards are pulled to paste "Fuhe" anti-counterfeiting labels as sub-good ones. Be too numerous to enumerate!
3. A design plan is expressed by the builder's leisure. After signing the contract, when you ask the "designer" to drop several drawings and then calculate how much commission you can get for the next contract, your future home will be dominated by carpenters of pigsty fence origin. Without the supervision of the designer, can you express the original design without any distortions? ? Can the so-called woodworkers of several pigsty fencing origins have a good command of the proportion of sizes? When you see the results, it's all done! Ask the designer to come and see, he will clarify the day, the day after tomorrow, I am busy now. When signing the contract, it is necessary to agree that the designer should come to the site once in a few days! _________
Fourth, we must pay attention to the decoration of a penny a penny, if you bid too hard, some companies also do, but waiting for you will be a series of fake and inferior information! Within two or three months, there will be a lot of ugliness!
In summary, all the above-mentioned Jinan Mulanqingcheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. provides, want to know more about Jinan Decoration Company knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our website: http://www.ssbb1.com Thank you for your support!


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