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What are the matters needing attention in choosing a decoration company?
1.怎样认定装饰公司的资历,装饰公司应有停止装饰工程施工的资历。您除了要反省营业执照之外,公司有无正轨的办公地点,能否能出具合格的票据与证书等,有无任何保证,都是您要细心调查的。 其次,您可以调查这家装饰公司所做过的工程,来评价它的设计和施工程度。室内设计师的程度和资历,间接关系到设计程度的上下,所以您要对这家公司的设计师停止详尽的讯问。假如是冤家引见的,您可以经过熟人来理解公司的状况。但有时亲朋好友并不是这方面的"里手",难免会有"误导".
1. How to identify the qualifications of decoration companies, decoration companies should have the qualifications to stop the construction of decoration projects. In addition to Introspecting your business license, you should carefully investigate whether the company has a proper office location, whether it can issue qualified bills and certificates, and whether there are any guarantees. Secondly, you can evaluate the degree of design and construction by investigating the works done by the decoration company. The degree and qualifications of interior designers are indirectly related to the level of design, so you should stop questioning the designers of this company in detail. If it is introduced by an enemy, you can understand the company's situation through acquaintances. But sometimes relatives and friends are not "hands-on" in this regard, and inevitably there will be "misleading".
2.如何与装饰公司初步接洽目前装饰公司的报价方式有两种:一是您报出想投入多少钱,由装饰公司结合您的要求,开端设计和报价;二是您提出居室装修的详细要求,由装饰公司报出完成您的要求要花多少钱。 许多消费者情愿采用后一种洽谈方式,其目的是爲了防止装饰公司把"底"探走。消费者都想让装饰公司先报价,本人也有个比拟和讨价的余地。其实,这种做法是没有必要的。一切正轨的装饰公司的利润率都相差无几,所不同的是设计力气和售后效劳有好有坏。您这样做只会耽搁本人的工夫,从而拖延施工进度。 所以在您与装饰公司开端接触时,可以将本人预备花多少钱,想到达什麼样的效果,交代给装饰公司,看他们能否承受。假如装饰公司赞同承接您的家庭装修工程,才干进入详细的设计、报价和协商阶段。
2. How to contact the decoration company initially? There are two ways to quote: one is how much money you want to invest, which is designed and quoted by the decoration company according to your requirements; the other is how much money it will cost to complete your requirements by the decoration company. Many consumers prefer to adopt the latter negotiation method in order to prevent decoration companies from exploring the bottom. Consumers want decoration companies to quote first, I also have a room for comparison and bargaining. In fact, this is not necessary. The profit margins of all the proper decoration companies are almost the same, but the difference is the design strength and after-sales service is good or bad. In doing so, you will only delay your own efforts, thus delaying the progress of construction. So when you start contacting with the decoration company, you can tell the decoration company how much money you are going to spend and what kind of effect you want to achieve, and see if they can bear it. If the decoration company agrees to undertake your home decoration project, it will enter the stage of detailed design, quotation and consultation.
3. How to confirm the design and bargaining? After you have reached a preliminary agreement with the decoration company, the decoration company should understand your detailed requirements and stop on-site measurement. After that, the company will give you the design drawings and a detailed quotation. The following is a detailed list of materials and construction quantities. After you get this information, you need to see if the design meets my requirements. You can ask the designer to explain the design, such as the disposal of some space, the use of information, and whether the price and quantity are reasonable.
4.如何防止装修合同书中的破绽 在您认可了报价之后,正轨的装饰公司还要和您签署一份施工合同或协议书。在这份合同中,您要留意以下几个成绩: 合同中应写明装修的详细要求和竣工日期,别给某些装饰公司精雕细刻和拖延工期"发明"条件。 其次,在合同中注明运用的装饰资料的详细牌子或型号,以防装饰公司以次充好。 第三,合同中有关保修的条文是必不可少的,而且要分清责任:假如属于施工或资料的质量成绩,装饰公司应承当全部责任;假如属于用户运用不当,单方可协商处置。 普通装饰公司对工程的保修期,从三个月到一年不等,您要尽能够选择保修期长一点的公司。
4. How to prevent the flaws in the decoration contract after you have approved the quotation, the decoration company on the right track should sign a construction contract or agreement with you. In this contract, you should pay attention to the following achievements: the contract should specify the detailed requirements of decoration and completion date, do not give some decoration companies carved and delayed "invention" conditions. Secondly, specify in the contract the detailed brand or model of the decoration materials used in order to prevent the decoration company from suboptimal. Thirdly, the warranty clauses in the contract are indispensable, and the responsibility should be clearly distinguished: if it belongs to the quality achievements of construction or materials, the decoration company should assume full responsibility; if it belongs to the improper use of users, it can be dealt with unilaterally through negotiation. Ordinary decoration company's warranty period for the project varies from three months to one year. You should try your best to choose a company with a longer warranty period.
5. How to Investigate Construction Team
装修质量的好坏,很大水平上取决于施工队的素质。所以在装修之前,您还要调查一下装修公司所用的施工队。 另外,施工队能否有实力,从他们运用的工具上也能窥见一斑。目前装饰工程电动化水平很高,普通有实力的施工队爲了进步质量和效率,都开端运用如电汽泵、射钉等工具了。
The quality of decoration depends largely on the quality of the construction team. So before decoration, you should also investigate the construction team used by the decoration company. In addition, the strength of the construction team can also be seen from the tools they use. At present, the level of decoration engineering electrification is very high. In order to improve the quality and efficiency, ordinary and powerful construction teams have begun to use such tools as electric pump, nail shooting and so on.
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