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Jinan Decoration Company Shares What Can We Do About Decoration Years ago
Now, it's mid-November. You just bought a new house to look for decoration. Are you still hesitating about whether you could stay in a new house before, for fear of embarking on a long decoration road? Once you encounter a delay in the construction period, you won't laugh bitterly at it! What to do?
So you might as well come to know what decoration projects you can do before decoration? Today's decoration company Xiaobian and everyone to analyze, together down to understand it!
The biggest problem of decoration rushing was the harmony of the main materials. For example, if the scale of cabinet is not determined, there will be no determinate line for hydropower transformation and construction will not be possible. Maybe sometimes tiles are not enough, a few pieces are missing. Maybe the situation that the goods could not be transferred out years ago, or maybe the time limit was delayed when the tiles were transferred. So I want to finish decorating a year ago, when choosing and purchasing materials, I try my best to be fully prepared, because some products such as cabinets, wooden doors, etc., although the device is in the final, but the processing cycle is not short.
"Generally this node, the decoration company that chooses the whole decoration mode is more reliable, because the information has been selected in the early stage, so the decoration will not delay the construction period." It takes a lot of time to plan and select materials before deducting the planned construction date for at least 40 days, but insiders say that it takes at least 40 days in the real construction stage to ensure the decoration is finished before the New Year.
The first 1-7 days of the real construction stage are the time of hydropower construction. If the hydropower is not changed much, maybe it will be finished in about 5 days. Maybe it will take about 10 days to make more changes.
The eighth to twenty-second day is the masonry construction stage. During this period, especially the kitchen, toilet wall tiles, must be pushed forward. Because of the incomplete wall tiles in the kitchen, it is impossible to re-measure the cabinet, without specific scale data, the cabinet manufacturer can not produce, which will delay the construction period.
On days 23-32, the painter should be on the scene. Putty is not easy to dry after cold weather, so the time of brushing latex paint is longer than that in summer. Since tile workers are likely to exceed 15 days, it is advocated that tile workers and painters do interpolation work, that is, while tile workers are doing, painters are also ready to appear or start decorating, for example, by scraping putty on the wall.
Thirty-three to forty days, when the painter's work is finished, 90% of the work on the spot has been finished. At this time, the need will be the cabinets, wooden doors, lamps and other products selected before the appearance device. In the meantime, the equipment of the cabinet is the most troublesome. Some cabinet bodies and countertops are present once, others are sent to the cabinet first, and the countertops arrive a week or so later. If the harmony is not good, the construction period may be delayed. Therefore, it is advocated that when the painter works, the consumer notifies the cabinet installer to install the device.
It advocates no bricklaying. According to this progress, decoration can be finished before the New Year's Day. Really because of all kinds of unexpected decoration can not be completed, only part of the construction can be left until after the year, advocating that paint workers do not leave bricklayers.
Because tile work time is longer, and do not advocate separate work. For example, if there is no one-time tiling, the center interval is about a month, two times of tiling may form different shrinkage ratio of cement mortar, and then different periods of tiling show a difference in height, and even there will be local color difference.
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