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1. 脚下安全
1. Foot safety
Villa garden design, no matter which kind of paving material to choose, must ensure its safety. Avoid smooth surfaces or loose structures. Paving materials such as polished granite or smooth outdoor tiles may not provide sufficient friction in rainy and winter climates. Gravel sidewalks are a good choice, but use unscreened gravel. Unscreened gravels contain structures of different sizes, which can be closely combined to provide a solid foundation. Whatever your garden paving material is, make sure that your paving surface is slightly tilted to prevent rainwater from gathering.
2. 确保花园通道足够宽
2. Ensure that garden access is wide enough
Make sure your garden passage is wide enough for comfortable passage. No one likes to walk through crowded and narrow spaces, indoors or outdoors. The main garden road should be wide enough for at least two people to walk side by side. For garden paths to walk alone, the width must also be sufficient to allow a person to pass comfortably. Keep in mind that the higher the plants or structures on either side of the passage, the wider the road.
3. 草坪的魅力
3. The Charm of Lawn
The lawn is expensive and laborious to maintain, but no other surface can make people lie comfortably and lazily like the lawn, and no surface can be as elastic as the lawn and make people happy to play. No plant can withstand the flow of people that lawns often bear. In fact, lawn is a special garden feature, so use it wisely.
4. Enough space for activity
The terrace and platform are the perfect space for outdoor entertainment. Villa garden design needs to plan enough space to accommodate dining and communication. Outdoor dining means that you need outdoor furniture. You need to leave enough open space in the furniture to ensure comfortable passage.
5. 创造一个舒适区
5. Create a comfort zone
Plants in gardens can do more than just look beautiful. Proper plants and proper methods of use can add comfort and practical effects to your garden. Conifers and broad-leaved evergreens can protect your garden from strong winds. Large perennials or ornamental herbs can form a "real-time" privacy barrier. On hot summer afternoons, a well-positioned tree or large shrub can provide a cool "oasis".
6. 放眼花丛之外
6. Beyond the Flowers
Although flowers are a very attractive design element for villa gardens, many plants provide more than flowers. Ignore flowers and experience changes in color, shape and texture of leaves and bark during the year. By choosing plants with multiple ornamental values, you can extend the seasonal appeal of your garden.
7. 着眼未来
7. Focus on the Future
If you're building your villa garden, consider laying wires and irrigation pipes at a certain depth underground along paths and flower pools - even if you don't currently have plans for lighting or irrigation. In a few years, you'll be glad you did it ahead of time.
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