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The gate of Feng Shui taboo is too narrow
Office space decoration geomancy taboo 1: the door is too narrow. Everyone knows that the doorway of office space must be comparatively wide, because the doorway is from all over the world to meet the position of money, assuming that the doorway is too narrow, then the company will not meet too much money. At the same time, the hall in front of the door must be square, as wide and bright as possible, so as to gather financial resources and make them available from time to time.
In interior decoration, the interior should be equipped with corresponding compartments. Some individual enterprises can not get a full view as soon as they enter the door. First, they should guide the office space to have design screens, and excellent design should have screens or compartments. The door is facing the entrance of the indoor office. The air flow rushes straight into the room. It is easy to cause arguments. It is necessary to design a porch to block the air flow from the door. Of course, it can't be facing the door of the bathroom.
The financial position of office space is an important factor for the future development of enterprises, and it is also a geomancy matter that every operator pays attention to. Therefore, geomancy pays great attention to the decorative effect of financial position. In the final analysis, the position of wealth is in the corner of the front left or right of the door. There must be very few people walking in this center, and it is impossible to set up a pedestrian passage. Otherwise, the fortune will be unstable.
Differential lighting in office space tabooed by geomantic omen
Office space decoration geomancy taboo 2: office environment lighting is not good. God of Wealth likes to take the Bright Avenue when visiting. If the lighting of office space is not good, God of Wealth will easily enter the wrong door. And office space is the main place where employees work and live. Assuming that the lighting is worse, then employees have no way to concentrate on stopping work, thus causing greater losses to the company.
The decoration of office space can not be too luxurious. The main color of office space is cream white or ivory white. The office space is suitable for setting in the office building, so it is more convenient to exchange and discuss. Office space should be as close as possible to the windy and snowy places. The higher the office space is, the more backward the position will be. If there is a mirror in the office space, it will not be able to face the front door, otherwise it will be easy to cause a debate. In the office space, the moving line should be fluent, and the color of desks and chairs should be mainly light in the bright hall.
Fangshui taboo above taboo roof beams
Office space decoration geomancy taboo three: office space above can not have many beams. If there are more beams in the office, the staff will feel a sense of panic and depression, which will lead to physical trance, panic and sadness, which will lead to a variety of diseases. Employees are sick, and no one will work in the enterprise. Over time, this will naturally hinder the future development of the enterprise.
The desk should be backed against the wall, and the window on the left is the best place to put it, so that you can see the beautiful scenery outside the window, which makes people feel smoothly. It also helps to improve the efficiency of employees. The doorway can be designed in front of the right, which can prevent others from peeping, and play a role in preventing villains. Assuming that there is no such space environment, screen partition can be designed to play a obstructive role. In addition, the planning and planning of office space must adhere to the clean and smooth indoor air, do not turn corners.
Office decoration Feng Shui problem is a very sophisticated knowledge, many company bosses compare to understand the problem of indoor Feng shui, so every employee of the company will be physically plump, work with high morale, so as to invent more considerable benefits for the company.
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